Lexie & Jenny made their debut at IDEX in Orlando, in January of 2007.  
This picture shows the collection from 2007~
a group of six dolls, in three different series.  
From left to right, they are Jenny and Lexie Playtime,
Lexie and Jenny All Dressed Up,
Lexie Ship Ahoy and Jenny Anchors Aweigh.  
Lexie and Jenny are made of
the most beautiful porcelain,
with ball jointed bodies,
painted eyes and mohair wigs.  

They were produced by
the best doll makers in the world~
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Lexie & Jenny's costuming
was a collaborative effort
between Heather Maciak &
Rosemarie Ionker of Boneka.  
Boneka's costuming, with details such as
the finest fabrics, laces, trims & hand embroidery,
make it the most beautiful in the world.  
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The year 2008 saw a whole new collection
of appealing styles!    
From left to right, they are Cozy Jenny and Lexie,
Elfin Jenny and Lexie,
and Dressy Jenny and Lexie.  
Dolls &
costumes for
Special editions
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Lexie & Jenny
                                          by NIADA artist Heather Maciak
Lexie and Jenny 2007
Lexie and Jenny 2008