Heather Maciak

Although many collectors love Lewis Carroll’s
Alice in Wonderland, few are aware that the
original heroine of the children’s classic, a
dark-haired young girl named Alice Liddell,
was a favourite child friend of Oxford Don
Charles Dodgson, or that he created the story
just for her.  He spun the tale for Alice, her
brother and two sisters, to while away the
time as they boated down the Thames River
(known in Oxford as the Isis), one summer
afternoon.  Alice begged Mr. Dodgson to write
out her story, and two years later, he
presented her with a hand-lettered epistle,
complete with his own original drawings,
called “Alice’s Adventures Underground”.
News of the wonderful story spread, and Mr.
Dodgson was encouraged by friends to
publish his book, so that children everywhere
would be able to read it.  The published book
was titled “Alice’s Adventures in
Wonderland”, and Charles Dodgson adopted
the pen name of Lewis Carroll.  The
illustrations, by the great John Tenniel,
changed Alice’s image forever, from the little
girl with the dark brown bob to the flaxen-
tressed Alice we picture today.  
Several years ago, I was fortunate to spend ten
glorious days in England.  At the British Library
in London, I saw the original manuscript given
by Charles Dodgson to the young Alice Liddell so
long ago.  In Oxford, I retraced the steps of the
famous author and his little muse.  I came home
fascinated by the stories of the ‘real’ Alice, and
was inspired to create a doll in her image.  

This time, although I have again created Alice
with dark, neatly trimmed tresses as Charles
Dodgson knew her, I have chosen to costume
her as the fanciful Lewis Carroll might have
envisioned her.    
mohair wig.  She wears a golden sleeves
mohair wig.  She wears a golden
hand-windowpane cotton dress with
puffed colours of the embroidery on her
sleeves and a full skirt, under a white
hand-embroidered pinafore with blue
maryjane shoes complete her ensemble.  
trim.  Her striped stockings mirror the
colours of the embroidery on her
pinafore, and ultrasuede high-strap
maryjane shoes complete her ensemble.  
Alice is sold out.  Thank-you for
your support of this historic child!
Behind the
the artist