Dolls, clothes & accessories for sale
from my collection.
Mme. Alex Cisette
Little Souls
Japanese dolls
Muffie straight legged walker
in Pinafore Style 651-4.
Exc. cond. $100.
NASB Muffie!
References are from "The Muffie Puzzle" book series
by Lillian Roth and Heather Maciak (me!)
Muffie bent-knee walker in
Special Occasion Style 903-2
includes handmade wardrobe
that she came to me with, below.
Little Souls 18" "Sibling Soul" doll.
Exc cond with tag, magazine
article, and her own chair! $75.
Cisette's hair is in its original set, and
her tagged dress, panties, nylons and
shoes (elastic is stretched)
are all original.  
She needs restringing, and she has a
tiny split in the top of one leg that
has been there for decades.
The chair she has perched in for
many years is included.
Nightie set
Special Occasion 803-4
MIB $35.
Red Striped Sailor dress
Favorite Fashions 607-2
with business card
(shoes are worn but
intact) $45.
Plaid dress, beret & shoes
Dress-up Style 702-2  
Exc. cond.  $45.
Muffie head pin
Handmade dress-
darling on Muffie! $10.
Muffie suitcase.  This presented a conundrum- we were convinced that it was NASB, but
couldn't find documentation.  Lillian had one in her collection, and she presented me with
my own suitcase, complete with trim and a photo of the one she had done (see above, right).  
Unfortunately, I never completed the project, and since this was a gift, I'll give it to one of
you!  I'll send it to the first person who sends me an image of their favorite Muffie, flanked
by one of the Muffie Puzzle books- you'll only have to pay the postage!  
Strung Muffie (original but unruly wig)
in trunk (this one had no drawer) with wardrobe:
Fur coat set- Special Occasion Styles 903-2,
Red striped dress- 1954, # unknown,
Blue rosebud print dimity- Muffie Kissable 511-1,
Red gingham- Margie Glamorous 607-1,  
Nightgown, slippers, rollerskates, mirror & comb.
Rollerskating o/f
Special Styles 549-6
MIB $45.
Ichimatsu doll, ordered from a
dealer in Hawaii.  Original
clothing, endearing expression,
one crazed eye doesn't
detract from her appeal.
13 1/2" tall  $50.
Washi doll by NIADA
artist Dan Fletcher
6 1/4" tall. $75.
Original gofun baby boy
purchased in an antique shop
in Japantown, San Francisco.  
Tiny mark on the end of his
nose- otherwise, he's perfect!
8" seated  $150.
Japanese play doll
(8", seated),
and her little friend,
purchased in Japan.
$20 for both.
Japanese Hanako doll with
wig collection, wardrobe.  
Japanese Kokeshi doll (7", left)
and Kimekomi doll (6 1/2", right).  
Purchased in Japan.
$50 for both.
Original outfits for
Ellery and Jessamyn.
$50 for all.
Boneka costumes fit
Ellery and Jessamyn.
$50 for all.
Fisher Price miniatures
fit 6 to 8" dolls-
$50 for all.
Clothing & accessories for
Kish Ellery and Jessamyn
My husband and I won a trip to Japan in
1990, and I came back enamoured of all
things Japanese, including the dolls.  
These are my collection from that time.
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Payment can be made in US funds by
check or Paypal.  Shipping is extra.  
Modern Ichimatsu doll,
purchased in Kyoto
14" tall, MIB, $75
Older Ichimatsu doll has
some definitely problems,
starting with the fact
that her lower body is
missing. Strangely, I
forget this most of the
time, and for me, this
hasn't taken away from
her beauty!
Rabbits & Cats &
Bears- oh, my!