Heather Maciak

For this convention, she created a very special souvenir doll,
Emily, and her kindred spirit companion, Annie.  
The dolls were produced by Leannie, and costumed by Boneka.
In addition, Heather collaborated with
NIADA Artist and IGMA Fellow Susan Scogin
to create a tiny peg doll, similar to the doll in the painting above,
as Emily's dolly.    
She thanks all of you who showed such enthusiasm
for Emily, her peg doll, and her friend & kindred spirit, Annie!

Emily and her peg doll
were limited to 900 dolls,
& are now available only
in very limited numbers
through UFDC,
or on the secondary market.  
Heather was chosen
as the souvenir doll artist
for the UFDC National Convention
in Washington DC,
July 27- 30, 2016.  
Annie was limited
to only 200 dolls,
and is available
in limited quantities
through www.ufdc.org
As you might imagine, there was great excitement
as the girls dressed for their big debut at UFDC!  
Look at our
beautiful clothes!
Here's your
other shoe, Emily.
Helping hand.
Pull, Annie!
This is harder
than it looks!
Hold still, Emily.
Doing up
the buttons.
Annie, you look

Just a few minutes
left to play.  
Hang on, Dolly!